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Building on the Oxford Community Wellbeing Survey

Service providers, businesses and groups met on Feb 22 to discuss how to use the Oxford Community Wellbeing Survey results to serve our community better.

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Future Oxford presents full report on Community Wellbeing Survey

Residents living in rural areas report a greater degree of life satisfaction and wellbeing, according to the final report on the Community Wellbeing Survey undertaken in Oxford County this spring. On the other hand, Oxford’s most dissatisfied residents are those who earn less than $40,000 a year, a group more likely to report they are dissatisfied with work, less likely to take part in community activities, and that count a lower numbers of close friends.

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About Community Oxford

Community Oxford is part of the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan, with  goals to create a community that is accessible, knowledgeable and creative. 

To start, the Community Oxford Committee will be looking at objectives like ensuring quality health care, housing and healthy food are available to all citizens. 

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Current Projects

Community Wellbeing Survey final report

In spring 2016, just over 11,000 randomly selected households-- representing 25% of all County households-- were invited to take part in the Oxford County Community Wellbeing Survey. The survey, administered by the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, will be used to help set meaningful targets in the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan.

The survey's final report, shared with Oxford County Council on December 14, 2016, is a snapshot of the wellbeing of our citizens in areas such as education opportunities, job satisfaction, health behaviours and perceptions, community involvement, the environment, and much more. The survey also maps wellbeing themes—like quality of work and environmental concerns-- to the sustainability plan’s community, environment and economy pillars.

On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, Future Oxford through Community Oxford hosted a community leader meeting at the Fusion Youth Activity & Technology Centre in Ingersoll.

Featuring a debrief of the 2016 Community Wellbeing Survey from Dr. Bryan Smale, Canadian Index of Wellbeing, the meeting was an opportunity for service providers, businesses and groups to discuss how to work together to understand the wealth of information in the survey reports, and how to use those results to serve our community better. More

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Community Oxford Committee

Co-Chairs: Randy Peltz, Executive Director,
Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre

Kelly Gilson, Executive Director, United Way Oxford


Andrea Brown 

Manager, Fusion Youth Activity & Technology Centre

Ashley Farrar 
Executive Director, Social Planning Council Oxford

Bill McKinnon

Oxford County Trustee and Chair, Thames Valley District School Board

Chloe Senior 
Executive Assistant, County of Oxford

Chris Friesen 
Principal, Woodstock Collegiate Institute

Lisa Lanthier 
Manager, Human Services, County of Oxford

Lynn Beath

Director, Public Health & Emergency Services, County of Oxford

Mary-Anne Murphy 
Cultural Coordinator, Oxford Creative Connections

Natalie Surridge

Program Director, Oxford Workforce Development Partnership

Peter Crockett 
CAO, County of Oxford

Rick Cox 
Director of Recreation, Town of Tillsonburg

Sandra Talbot 
Councillor, City of Woodstock and County of Oxford